Harrison “Gabe” Frank, MD

Dr. Frank, a native of Northbrook, IL, began his education at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, graduating with a degree in Biology. After a 3-year hiatus playing professional basketball at home and overseas, Dr. Frank continued his education at the prestigious Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. His training continued at Wake Forest Baptist Health, where he completed a fellowship in Neuro Rehabilitation.

Dr. Frank has spent the last several years treating several different types of chronic medical conditions. It was during that time that he began his interest in regenerative and anti-aging medicine and went through extensive additional training with the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Frank looks to treat the cause of the disease, not just cover it up with medications.

Dr. Frank has partnered with some of the top physicians in America and overseas, to provide the most cutting edge and advanced treatment protocols available.  Our medical team is always advancing and improving our treatments, so that you can get back to living the life you want!

Dr Gabe Frank, WaveTech Physician explains the WaveTech process and how it can help you!

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